1Password is the best

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been saved by this one app.  

Because of 1Password, I can have crazy long passwords that are nigh impossible to crack. I can have different passwords for every single account.

Quick, what’s the password to your college email? You know, the annoying one they make you sign up for that doesn’t have forwarding to your real email?

Quick, what’s the password for that one job site you needed to make an account for because of one application?

Quick, what’s the serial number for that app you bought three years ago and you need to reinstall to a new computer?

1Password does all this flawlessly. I was confident to move from an iPhone to Windows Phone because they’d made an app for it (and continue to update it!) On the desktop, 1Password is convenient and necessary. On mobile, it’s a godsend. And recently, I was confident to move from Mac to Windows 8 because of them. I used the trial app for a while, but that obviously ran out and I needed to purchase it.

The Windows desktop app for 1Password costs $50, which is expensive but worth it. But, I thought, since I was moving platforms, perhaps they’d give me a discount for moving. I contacted support, and they said they could if I provided some type of proof that I’d purchased the Mac app. I did (I’d purchased it from the Mac App Store), and they sent me a very nice discount.

1Password is a Canadian company too, operating right from the centre of the universe, just like me. I’m incredibly confident that my information is safe, and I think you should use them too.

May 27, 2013