2019 Year in Review - My Blog

In 2019, I blogged 138 times. So, roughly, I put something here every two and a half days.

I used this blog mostly as a logbook of things I was listening to, reading, and watching. I’ve been doing logbook-style posts for years, usually in the form of a linked list. I’ve been doing this on and off for the decade, with the first one appearing in 2011. I always liked a linked list, and still follow lots of personal blogs that do little but this.

In 2019, I learned a few new tricks that helped keep this blog going. I put together some new IFTTT scripts, began using dropbox and shortcuts more, and I learned how to use Airtable. My About page is airtable-heavy now, and those widgets update frequently.

You can break down this blog into a few major categories:

  • Logbook. I published 56 posts under this category. That’s more than once a week, but I only settled on weekly in the fall. While I was still experimenting with the format, I put these out everyday, like an animal.
  • Music & Mixtapes. I made 21 ten-song mixtapes on Spotify this year. Not exactly weekly, but not bad. Making playlists is my preferred way of keeping up with the endless wave of new music.
  • Podcasts. I published 12 new episodes of Fran’s Not Here, a live show I do with my buddy Robert Pilgrim. I’m still working on getting my International Object archive back up on the site. That’s a project I’d like to complete in 2020. That show goes back to 2010. A fucking eternity.
  • Technology. Some of these are tagged as Shortcuts and Airtable, but I’ve got about 20 posts on technology altogether. Mostly, it’s a little table or script or dingus that I tried. Some of them are still in play, and quite a few help keep this blog going.
  • Photos. I keep all my photos on Onedrive. I’m not sure when they enabled this, but you can embed any Onedrive photo onto a blog, and I began using this feature a lot this year. It’s helped me keep my photo months” better organized, and I’ve begun thinking of top tens” of the month for posts. I also got a DSLR for the first time in 2019, and that’s helped inspire me to take more (and hopefully better) photos.
  • Video games. I finished seven video games in the tail end of 2019. Video games are so easy to begin, and even easier to collect. But finishing them? Hard, man.

I’m not too surprised that my writing tag is a bit empty this year. I largely gave up on writing my novel in 2019, though it’s still not exactly dead and buried. I’ve been working on this one since (checks blog archive) late 2017. The bones of it are still there, still ready for me to fill it in with some life. Maybe that’s 2020.

I began talking about wellness more on this blog. It’s pretty basic stuff: using an analogue journal for bujo, therapy, and writing. Trying to sleep better. Working out. Using toxic sites less. I want to keep that stuff grounded and easy.

So just to finish this off, I love this blog. I love how it works. I love that it’s just text files that I can fill in with scripts or quick thoughts on my phone. I love how simple it is to go in and mess with any of my old posts. And I love that I have this place that isn’t social media, where there’s likely no audience, and it’s pretty much just for me to show myself how I’m doing, even if that me is pretty far in the future.

December 24, 2019