A Major Update to Gredunza Press Podcasts

The Gredunza Podcast Network is a major part of Gredunza Press. It is a place for new podcast producers to host their shows for very little money, without having to worry about bandwidth or monthly file upload limits (it would have been very difficult for The Mandible Claw to upload 5 shows in one week, like they did last week, on most other podcast providers). It doesn’t make me very much money but it’s a nice thing to do for my friends and people I think make pretty great shows. If you haven’t, take a look at the shows we have on offer in our catalogue section.

Starting today, you can sign up in two ways. The yearly, 35 dollar plan is still available (and is totally the best choice), but you can also now sign up monthly, for ​5 bucks. You’ll be billed through Paypal’s subscription service, and 5 just gets dinged out of your account every 30 days or so. $5 a month obviously doesn’t translate to savings over the year, but it’s for people who a) aren’t sure if podcasting is for them, and just want to try it out, and b) maybe just want to have a show up for a brief period of time.

On top of the new option, I’m also taking advantage of Paypal’s free trial option. Any new producer gets one free month to try the service out at no charge, even people who are only signing up for one month (I had to squeeze buy one, get one free in there somewhere). Current producers get a free month the next time they re-subscribe. Everything’s coming up Milhouse.

As an added bonus, all new shows get free artwork! Check out our catalogue to get an idea of what that artwork will look like. I’ve offered this quietly for a while, but there you go. Secret’s out.


May 8, 2013