A Record Year for Rainfall

A Record Year For Rainfall is a book about becoming unstuck from your own mess. Bret is a paparazzi in Las Vegas, but he’s not from there and doesn’t like what he does. He fell into the work while on vacation from his regular life. It wasn’t supposed to become a thing he did for more than a few weeks. But then his girlfriend left him and he fell in love with someone else and everything went to hell.

There’s a gay politician, only he’s not out and he’s a republican. Bret’s girlfriend worked on his campaign. Bret found out, and took a picture of the man in the act. He gave it to his boss, who put it on the internet. Bret’s girlfriend left him, which makes him dumped, twice, in a city he hates.

The narrative of the book begins here, with Bret on the couch of his employer, a bastard of a celebrity blogger. He wants to leave town, but he already ran away from his life. What would running away from this accomplish?

Bret’s first ex, she’s still in town. She works promo in the clubs. She doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing with her life, either. Her best friend keeps pushing her towards easier money with just a little bit more skin.

Bret’s second ex, the republican, she’s still in love with Bret, and wrestles with what he did to her boss.

There’s lots of drugs, running from the police. And there’s a stalker, this creepy guy who won’t leave Bret alone, who keeps taking pictures of him. People get hurt. There’s consequences to every action, and a few of them involve wet, ugly fistfights in alleyways. Bret smokes. He drives around. He figures his shit out.

A Record Year for Rainfall is about getting out of your lazy life and falling back in love, if only for the drive home.

That’s the book.

March 1, 2011