May 4, 2020

Album on Rotation Today—Critical Hit by Yukon Blonde


Indeed, the synthesizer work across the record is definitely a highlight, from the more subtle, enveloping touches on Painting on a Smile” to the brighter, poppier work on Crazy.” The band integrate these touches well; they don’t distract from the rest of the record and add new layers the band will hopefully continue to explore down the line.


Though she also played on 2015’s On Blonde, Yukon Blonde’s fourth LP, Critical Hit, is the first with keyboardist Rebecca Grey as an official fifth member. That speaks to the band’s commitment here to the prior album’s vibrant synth pop. Though the band’s coexisting indie rock swagger is tempered somewhat on Critical Hit by lyrics about breaking up, missed connections, and unrequited love, dance-rock grooves, melodic sweetness, and a playful sparkle prevail.

Need a bouncy record on a monday? Critical Hit bounces.


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