June 1, 2020

Album on Rotation Today—Home On Native Land by The Hidden Cameras


Gibb is a prominent figurehead in the indier end of the LGBTQ community — at one time he spoke of The Hidden Cameras as gay church folk” — and, as in their formative years, his foregrounding of sexual diversity provides emotional heft to the lightness of the music. He even finds room to cover his own work on second track He Is The Boss Of Me, a stirring tale of gleeful submission from the band’s debut LP Ecce Homo, with the enhanced production making for a brisk canter down memory lane, which rightly elevates the sweeping vocal melody jammed with lyrical gems like He is my walrus and I am his blubber.”

I completely missed this one because, like a lot of people I’m sure, I figured The Hidden Cameras were long gone.


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