Album on Rotation Today—The Neon Skyline by Andy Shauf


Shauf’s new concept album The Neon Skyline takes place over the span of one night, as did his last solo record, 2016’s The Party. The story goes like this: Our narrator heads to a bar where he hears that his ex is back in town. From there, he spirals through the course of their relationship from young love to jealous arguments to dreams of starting over. He eventually runs into her and they go their separate ways. But by this point, late in the album, you’ve learned that reconciliation was never the point. In the climactic Thirteen Hours,” Shauf drifts through a flashback that doesn’t focus on the fight that brought out their true nature, or the injury that landed one of them in the hospital. Instead, the key lyric is about a simple facial expression that suggested how things could never be the same again.

This one’s brand new to me.


April 22, 2020