All the great task apps

Okay, so I use multiple task apps. My last two blog posts mentioned Productive and Streaks. I also use Wunderlist, and sometimes I use the iOS Reminders app and Cortana reminders on Windows for spur-of-the-moment stuff. It isn’t just that any one task dingus isn’t good enough to cover everything I like (though that’s true), but if I put everything in one basket, the basket seems daunting and I drop all of it. I don’t love any house enough to just live in one of them.

The basic system is that Productive is for daily habit tasks, like filling up the humidifier. If I don’t touch Productive all day because I didn’t need it, that’s fine. There’s nothing actually important in there. Streaks are aspirational goals, like writing in this blog. Wunderlist is for chores and things I share with my partner. Reminders are for when I need to pick something up when I’m near a drug store.

February 21, 2018