June 20, 2018

Alto’s Adventure

I bought Alto’s Adventure a few years ago, played it a few times, and uninstalled it. I didn’t get it at the time, but I always had a feeling I’d missed something there. Recently, I listened to a podcast where Jason Kottke talked at length about the game, and it made me reinstall it. After listening to this interview, something clicked in me and I got the flow much better. It’s a game about timing, but it’s mostly a game about flow. Kottke has more to say about it on his blog as well. I’ve played it a ton this week, and I uninstalled it today, a day after getting my high score.

Altos adventure high scoreAltos adventure high score

I uninstalled it because I found myself playing it a little too much. It’s a very addictive game, and it’s easy to play for just a minute here or there, until it becomes twenty, and you haven’t looked up from your phone, and it’s dark out now. I like video games a lot, but when it comes to games on my phone, I prefer the brief ones that end (Monument Valley, Florence are two excellent phone games).

Maybe it’s self control. Maybe it’s that I just watched that episode of Newsradio where Dave blows his SAT test (again) after spending all night playing Stargate Defender.

I’m impressed with that high score, though.

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