Apple doesn’t do hidden fees.

I typed Apple doesn’t do hidden fees,” a line from a blog post at Daring Fireball, and the neural network auto-completing website Talk to Transformer gave me this:

You are probably a lot smarter than the average person,” she says, laughing.

A woman comes on stage, in a red gown. Behind her, more women.

The women in the red dress don helmets to disguise their identities.

I got an email from an agent at Microsoft saying they’re offering me a very small amount of cash!” she yells.

The video on the screen is of a woman screaming.

I don’t know if this is real or not,” she says, to the woman on screen.

Is this real? Are you really that stupid?” the woman asks.

Yes!” the woman screams.

Yeah, I’m real. They’re going to see this!” The woman screams, in the video.

Are you kidding? We were just in the store in the mall. Did you see this? It could be real!” the woman screams.

The woman screams that the company promised to deliver the iPad.

I love it.

November 10, 2019