Apple USB 3 to Lightning Camera Adapter Review

This is a weird one. It doesn’t do what I thought it might. With iOS 13, Apple’s newest iPhone OS, you can finally plug in flash drives and external storage. However, you need an adapter. This software upgrade is intended for the iPad, but it is supposed to work with the iPhone as well. So I tried it.

If you plug a usb thumb drive into this dingus, it won’t work. But if you plug the dingus into a power source and try again (the dingus has a USB port and a lightning port for power), it will work. That’s neat! It’s not worth $50 Canadian dollars, but it’s neat.

The actual neat trick this dingus performs is with Microphones. I was able to get my Blue Snowball mic working with GarageBand on the iPhone. The recording sounded pretty reverb-heavy, and I was not able to figure out how to fix that. But hey, as a technical check mark, it gets it. However, it just isn’t going to be the great portable podcast machine that a few other bloggers have suggested (they may be a little too used to living in dongle-town).

It might be worth the money if it worked with proper external hard drives. But even with power, it wasn’t enough to keep my external drive booted. The drive always gave up with the saddest little noise.

Now, neither of these things are really what this dingus was built for. It was for transferring images from a camera using the USB port. And this works! At least, so long as you make sure it’s plugged into power.


August 12, 2019