May 7, 2021

Artificial Screen Warming

Daring Fireball: More on Night Shift and Sleep Benefits:

I’ve long heard from friends and readers who enjoy Night Shift (and f.lux) simply because they feel it reduces eye strain. Comfort is comfort — if you think Night Shift feels easier on your eyes, go ahead and use it. (That’s why so many people use the feature that swaps from light mode to dark mode by time-of-day.) What I object to is the may help you get a better night’s sleep” claim.

As soon as I got an iPhone with this feature, I turned it on and enjoyed the effect. I was a happy F.lux user for many years. Windows has a built-in Night Light” feature now, and that’s what I use. My favourite screen warmer is on my Kobo, which just feels luxurious while reading in bed. Over the years, I’ve gotten used to this feature, but I never totally forget it’s there. It’s just nice.

I don’t know if it helps anything at all, and I knew the sleep stuff was bunk. What I do know is the ghastly horror when I turn it off. Once you’re used to screen warming, go ahead and turn it off, sometime after ten at night, in a dark room. Your retinas will feel violated.

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