November 16, 2010

Book(s) update

So you can count 2010 as another year where I’ve had every single intention of creating a really terrible zero draft of a book in November and then had the will of the universe put a stop to it. Last year it was a job thing. The year before that it was a personal thing. The year before that, I don’t know, probably Twitter.

I will say I threw down a pretty great character graph, and I might take a sketch or two and add it to the pile of things I want to make into my next big project, Pilfer. Spoiler: it might not just be a book.

A Record Year For Rainfall is still coming, of course. All evidence of it on this blog has been erased for a very special reason. I want to make the lead-up for it really awesome. I think people are really going to love the book and I want it to have the best possible chance of success.

T-minus two weeks until the launch of the new Gredunza Blog, where I will be blogging about publishing on a regular again. I’m going to settle into a nice publication routine for a while. I have a book coming out this fall that most people won’t care about, but the people who will, will.


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