Available Titles

I Know Your Real Name Now - Part 1, rough draft

If you read this, please let me know what you think. The story is still in development.

My Lover’s Phone - Short Story

A short story in four parts, detailing failed relationships and accompanying technology.

A Record Year for Rainfall - Short Novel

The story takes place in modern Las Vegas in the summer of 2010. The main character, Bret, works as a paparazzi for a successful celebrity blogger. He’s sent out on assignments and generally finds himself in comedically awkward situations with models, actresses, and bodyguards. As the story begins, Bret has recently outed the governor of Nevada as a gay man, which causes a huge uproar, loads of traffic for the website, and a shift in priorities both for Bret (who just wants to go home to Canada), and Album, the blogger, who sees this as a way into proper journalism. The story is about Bret finding where he stands; with his two ex-girlfriends, his job, his desire to leave. On top of that, another photographer is following him around, possibly working for the governor, making Bret’s life dangerous and difficult.

No Chinook - Short Novel

Scott Clarkson is a young and often fragile journalist, whose mid-twenties have yet to produce a clear distinction between dependency and love. Dissatisfied by his current relationship—a complicated and secretive affair with a charismatic art teacher—Scott uses a chance encounter with an old high school crush as an escape to a place where desire and affection can be confused, and gratification replaces trust. Removed from the life and circumstances that have kept him emotionally stunted, Scott’s understanding of love loses balance and he discovers that maturity and pain are not exclusive.

##Writing History


I Know Your Real Name now — 2018

Skypunch — 2015

A Record Year for Rainfall —2012

No Chinook — 2008

Short Stories

My Lover’s Phone — 2013

The Moonbow Easy — 2014

Corona Gale Part 1 — 2013

International Object

The Heart is Raw Season 1 - 2014

Fair to Flair — 2011

This is Sports Entertainment — 2010

Older Works

Not One of Us Not Broken — 2009

Chocolate Castle By the Sea — 2006

Inside Pulse Music Columns — 2004

Kisses in All The Right Places, music & lyrics — 2005

Everything We Haven’t Lost — 2004

My Music Will Move You — 2003

The Mackenzie Hotel — 2002

Kayfabe — 2001