June 2, 2015

Comp CC

Adobe’s new Comp CC is something I thought I wanted for years. Layout was the one missing piece I felt the iPad was lacking, and now they have it. I sold my iPad a few years ago, and haven’t missed it. This app makes me miss it, at least a little.

It’s not enough to make me go out and buy one, though, because I have a tablet that does this trick pretty well. The Dell Venue Pro 8 runs InDesign better than you’d expect (of all the Adobe apps, it’s the one I would recommend using on lower-end hardware). I wouldn’t (and haven’t) done long stretches of work with it, but that isn’t what Comp CC is for, either. It’s for beginning and sketching a layout, which the Venue can do just fine.

The other thing I’ll say about Comp CC is that, while it’s probably great for some designers, I don’t do a lot of sketching” in InDesign. The kind of layout design I do revolves around styles (character, paragraph, object, etc) that eventually come together to create a cohesive title. Neither the creation of the book (lots of menus and submenus) or the filling in of content (hundreds of pages) could be done effectively with Comp. It’s glib to say, I guess, but the app’s just not for me.


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