Consolidating for fun and profit

I’m not sure I have the best track record for websites. I’ve made lots of them for other people using a handful of applications, and every time I learned a new one I’d make my own website with it. Over the years, I’ve simplified my own personal website almost down to a nub, while exploring other themes and ideas in separate blogs. But time restraints and a desire to focus have brought me to this new thing here. Welcome to my new website. It’s on squarespace, which has always been my favourite thing to use that I didn’t use. Why didn’t I use it? Why indeed. I asked myself that every year.

As of last week, my website looked like this:

[image lost forever to time]

This is almost too simple, as you might think. I didn’t have analytics on that, so I had no idea how many people had visited the site, nor could I really tell if it was helping anyone find me. I have a feeling it wasn’t. Single splash pages that almost never get updated aren’t exactly SEO candy. You can see that I’m doing things, but they’re all spread across the web, named differently, authored differently, and far too diverse. That’s a problem I’ve had. I spread myself too thin. I don’t focus. That’s about to change.

None of this is happening right away, but within the next few months, almost all of the links you see above won’t work anymore (I mean, they don’t work right now if you’re just looking at this jpeg.) I’m going to be consolidating everything I want to keep into this one blog, and then dumping the rest.

Hey, I love Tumblr as much as the next addict, but it’s got to go. My blog there takes up too much time for not nearly enough return. Another built-in problem with Tumblr is that I end up looking at everyone else’s posts and completely ignoring the fact that I should be making my own. That’s not a problem here.

I’m not going to stop tweeting, because it doesn’t take up much time, is actually helpful, and has always been a great alternative to IM, comments, and forums. I don’t really need to go to any of those things online anymore because of Twitter.

I won’t go over the rest, but you can assume that it’s gone. I’m going to focus. The question is, what on?

I’m curious and passionate about three things: personal writing, publishing, and graphic design. This new site of mine is going to focus on those three things, and the point at which they converge. I’m a novelist first and foremost, and this space will have updates for new work. It will have blog posts and ideas for independent publishing. Finally, I will also be showcasing my graphic design work, as well as writing my thoughts on various topics therein.

So what’s with the fun and profit’ bit? Well, first off, I’m going to be selling things, eventually. I’ll also be giving things away, which is infinitely more fun for everyone. I’ve got lots of goodies in mind, and the folks that should be excited are content creators who want some new resources and tools. I’m really excited to make these things available.

I’m really looking forward to the rest of 2012, as I clean up my online presence and finally make things clear for everyone. Earlier this year, I consolidated all of my email addresses into one, and it felt incredibly to remove all that cruft from my life. This website is going to do the same thing for everything else.


July 17, 2012