#Current Streaks Goals

These are my two main daily goals right now. I’m trying not to pick up stuff from bodegas on the way home from work (this is a bad habit I’ve had forever), and I’m trying to write just a little bit every day. The little bit i write will probably end up on the blog. Again, super simple, but super simple is kind of what I need right now. Make the habit too complicated, or make me go to high, and I inevitably push it off to another day. Pushing it a day becomes pushing a week, and then eventually it’s just a habit I tried to start and couldn’t finish.

If you click the link and take a look at the Streaks screenshot, you’ll see that I have an actually picked anything up to snack on in about three weeks. I’ve heard and read in many places than three weeks or 21 days is as long as you need to break a habit, but unfortunately I think I need a lot longer than that. To me, maybe breaking a habit is like getting over a long relationship. You need to do it you need to do some math and figure out the right amount of time. For the snacking thing, I might need to just keep that streak going forever.


February 20, 2018