June 23, 2019

Currently Playing on Airtable

I used to love widgets. Even though I’m not on a Mac, I’m sad that their widget screen is going away in the fall. I don’t use many of them on Windows, because the live tile” idea obviated it well enough. I love widges on the iPhone.

I’m learning how to use Airtable. I’ve got two projects going there: a personal video game database, and a website database. I’ll be updating the linkblog section of about” with a view from the website database pretty soon, but I wanted to show off the video game one first. Here’s a view of the video games I’m currently playing, with a completion percentage and a personal rating.

I’m not sure where this’ll go on the website but I want it to live somewhere up in the headers. Maybe just in About”?

Airtable Video Games

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