January 25, 2021

Favourite Games I played in 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons

It’s not the best game of 2020, but it’s the only video game of 2020. It felt like medicine, dropped right at the exact moment it was needed. We played it for a combined 400 hours. We had friends over. We built a cozy place. We watched fireworks together in yukatas. It was comforting and easy and nice.


This week, I’m posting my 5 favourite games of 2020. Everyone put Hades on their best of 2020 list. It’s probably game of the year for people who play a lot of video games. If you don’t, maybe it’s too difficult and too button-heavy and fast. But if you grew up on beat-em-ups and your thumbs are still calloused, this is probably the best game you could possibly play.

Link’s Awakening is everybody’s favourite game from their childhood and this remake is painfully adorable and twee. It’s very strong nostalgia drugs. It’s probably the best short Zelda (there’s a lot of bests in the Zelda world). I loved all of the seconds of it.

Manifold Garden

If you liked Portal and can stomach peering into infinity, Manifold Garden is a pretty great treat. Puzzly and maddening and mildly headache-inducing.

Sayonara Wild Hearts

I adore short games. I played this twice, first on iOS, then later on Switch (which did come out in 2020). It’s better with a controller, and perfect on a TV, where the gorgeous art style can really suck you in. Sayonara Wild Hearts has such focus, such a strong sense of taste. Best soundtrack. Best longboard girl. So much love.

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