Finding a New Yoga Habit

I’m only kind of comfortable writing about stuff like this. Not yoga, but stuff I’ve been doing for a while and still feel like I have no idea what I’m doing or what I’m talking about.

I’ve been using yoga as part of my exercise routine on and off for over ten years. But I still don’t feel very good at it. I’ve been to a few classes. I’ve used some software. I’ve watched some Youtube. I’m not into the religious parts of yoga at all but I see the health benefits and do try to work it into my life. But because it often seems like it isn’t working, I have a hard time keeping it up.


I’ve never stuck with one very long. It isn’t the cost so much as the commitment and the schedule, and for some reason yoga makes me extremely shy.

Wii Fit/Plus/U

I’ve bought Wii Fit three times. I thought the balance board was genius, and it’s still the only technology that told you you were off and then helped you correct it. Every new version made getting into the actual activity faster, and the WiiU version didn’t even need a TV.


I liked Kinect well enough, and the Nike+ software was better at getting me to sweat than Wii Fit and any other home workout, but it was kind of terrible at yoga, because it was only good at tracking you while you moved.


Every now and then I’ll watch a Youtube yoga instruction and follow along. It’s less intimidating than going to a class.

Nike Training

The software for Kinect was good though, and it remains good in its current life: an app that helps you work out. Sometimes I like it a bit more than the Youtube stuff, but it lacks any of the useful corrections the Wii/Kinect software had.

What else is out there? I’m mostly asking myself to figure this out later, but hey, if you’ve got a suggestion.


May 8, 2018