Fitness Blog, November-December 2020

In 2019-2020, I tracked my Peloton workouts every three months. I found it useful to to see a quarterly grade on how I was doing. This fall, I changed up a few things in my workout tracking. First, I began to use Notion to track workouts every day. I duplicated Red Gregory’s Home Workout Tracker and modified it with the workouts I do. Second, I tried out Apple Fitness+ in December, which let me try out a different type.

I simplified my stat tracking by not using Peloton’s spreadsheet at all. Every time I finished a workout, I’d add it to the spreadsheet in notion and use the active calories burned as the results number. The workout would already be in the calendar, because I’ve been setting them up a week in advance. That’s why some aren’t checked: I thought maybe I’d do it on Sunday.

Here’s the calendar view of my workouts in notion:

I’ve simplified my stats to just three categories: Cardio (all HIIT, elliptical, etc), Strength, and Wellness (Yoga, meditation, etc). Here’s the data:

Workout Plan vs Results

Fitness Type Planned Completed Percent
Cardio 49 38 78
Strength 27 15 46
Wellness 28 13 46

Time Spent / Calories Burned

Fitness Type Time Spent (minutes) Time Average Cals Burned
Cardio 1019 27 7374
Strength 352 22 2381
Wellness 289 20 1560

The main note for this entry is that it took 10% the time it took to make the last entries. Because I’ve changed how I’m tracking workouts, I’m not going to compare these entries to the last run (though my cardio is way up, because I began using an elliptical instead of outdoor cycling).

January 2, 2021