G1 Climax Airtable, refined

I’ve refined a few of my G1 airtable data. When I made it, I didn’t actually have any real data (since it was before the event began), but now that 3 events have happened, I’ve been able to tweak some things for better viewing.

So, first off, I’m still learning Airtable. Like any software, you need a meaty project in order to figure out exactly what it can and can’t do. The G1 has been awesome for figuring out what Airtable is good for. My workflow has been pretty much like this

  1. Import data
  2. Try to make sense of it
  3. Try to make cool views using the data and some math.

So, the first view that’s of use is the ranking.

It looks like a spreadsheet, but the points aren’t just typed in. The numbers are updated after I type in the winner of the match in this other view. For instance, Match 1” has both performers, but Match 1 Winner” only has the winner (obvs). Once that’s selected, the the number in the win” column ticks up one. The points” column is a formula: wins” *2 + ties” (ties are 1 point). When a match is a tie, I’ll have to manually add in that point. I also might figure out a way to have that happen automatically once a tie actually happens.

I’ve also made a view for recommended matches. This is done manually after each show so I can remember what I thought was actually good.

July 14, 2019