Game Finishing Season: Bye Bye Box Boy

I love a good platformer. I love clean design and well-thought-out experiences. I love a game that doesn’t waste your time. So Box Boy is perfect.

In Box Boy, you are a little square that can make more squares. The number depends on the level and the set of puzzle-obstacles in front of you. If you need three boxes, you can spit out three boxes. You never wonder if you need more because that’s all you have.

There’s a bunch of levels, more than you’d think, but it does not wear out its welcome. You never don’t feel clever. The levels are never too hard. If they are, there are hints, and you can restart any level at any time.

Bye Bye Box Boy is the third game. There’s a fourth one, on Switch, that I’ll buy soon and probably love.

In Box Boy, you can finish every level in less than 60 seconds and if you finish faster, you can get a new hat. The hats do nothing. It’s the one bit of flair in a game with literally no flair. It might as well be in black and white.

I finished Bye Bye Box Boy in, what, four hours? Yeah. That’s perfect. It cost seven dollars and was worth more.


November 7, 2019