Good Movies, April-May 2022

  • Casablanca, 1942 - ★★★★★. If you’ve seen Casablanca, and you have someone in your life who hasn’t seen Casablanca, it’s probably a good idea to sit them down and watch Casablanca.

  • The Hit, 1984 - ★★★★. A great addition to both the fallout from off-screen elaborate heist” and road trip where enemies become friends who become enemies who become friends who become enemies” genres.

  • The Last Duel, 2021 - ★★. Five stars up front because Ridley Scott did Alien. One star deducted for the needless animal violence. One star deducted for wasting the first hour to needless worldbuilding, padding the runtime. One star deducted for every fives times my wife said I hate this medieval bullshit”.

  • Titane, 2021 - ★★. It’s okay to not like things sometimes.

  • Jojo Rabbit, 2019 - ★★★★. I know it’s copyrighted but a pro wrestler should steal Sam Rockwell’s going out in a blaze of glory” outfit.

  • The Seven-Ups, 1973 - ★★. that car chase absolutely belongs in a VHS supercut, but I shouldn’t have to slog through the rest of this to see it.

  • The Loveless, 1981 - ★★. That’s enough cheekbones for today.

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once, 2022 - ★★★★★. Movies like this are why I love the movies 🥰

  • Venom, 2018 - ★★. if this was made today (a totally nutso thing to say only 4 years later) it would be a 6-part miniseries on the + and not one scene would be filmed on a set.

  • Putney Swope, 1969 - ★★★. The kind of movie that’s both wildly ahead of its time but has also aged poorly. A fascinating artifact that feels like it should mainly be viewed in school, though I’m not at all sure what class.

  • No Time for Comedy, 1940 - ★★. Super weird pacing and character beats, but what do I know, I just had champagne for the first six times in my life.

  • Don’t Make Waves, 1967 - ★★. Memorably bad!

June 4, 2022