Gradually adding music to a library

A few months ago, my dad mailed me a hard drive with music. Lots of music. I’m already working on a project where I make playlists for every year (check my Spotify for what I already have) and this will definitely help that. I’m always hungry for more music, and I was happy to get the hard drive. There’s so much stuff on it. Hundreds and hundreds of gigs. Way more music than my actual computer can hold. So, how am I supposed to filter through it all?

Sure, I could just copy some of it into my iTunes folder, but that would be messy and scattershot. And since I’m doing year playlists anyway, I should import the music by year. Here’s how I did that.

I use iTunes to organize my collection (iTunes Match is still the best service Apple provides). You can point iTunes at a folder (even an external drive), but there’s no way to say only find songs from 1979.” There’s also no way to point it to a folder as well as your own internal organized iTunes Library, so I’d be dealing with two libraries, like an animal.

So I used the Zune software.

I pointed the Zune app’s music library to the external drive and let it organize. Then, I made smart playlists based on each year. Last, I used this nifty third party app to export the playlists’ files into a folder. After five minutes of work, I had a new folder with only songs from 1979.

I took that folder and added it to iTunes, and synced it with my iPhone. After I rate the songs, I’ll be able to archive the ones I don’t like into iTunes Match, and keep the ones I do like local. And when I’m done with that, I’ll move onto 1978. And so on. Good project. Thanks dad.


March 12, 2019