#Gredunza Press is shutting down in June

Since 2007, I’ve designed and published works under the title of Gredunza Press. My partner and I have helped a good number of books see the light of day, including two of my own. We’ve been a team member for the publication of roughly 20 books and journals, and we’re really proud of the work we’ve done. But it’s time to embark on new projects, and it no longer makes sense to call what we do a press.

This also means that the podcast wing of Gredunza is also shutting down. I’ve already communicated with all the incredible hosts and hope they find new homes for their shows. A few have chosen to shutter, since there still isn’t an east, inexpensive solution for podcasting out there. I hoped to provide that, but the cost/profit ratio just doesn’t work for that particular vision.

As for my freelancing work, which often included Gredunza as a brand for hire, that work will continue, just under my own name and site. If you follow my blog International Object, you’ll soon begin seeing design work there (as well as news posts like this). But if you’re interested in hiring me, take a look at my services page.

Thank you to everyone who helped us out along the way, and shared in the creation of some inspiring projects. I hope I get to work with all of you again in the future.


April 21, 2014