August 24, 2018

Habit Built

Last December, I began carrying around an A6 Shinola notebook and did my best to write a little bit every day. Mostly, it’s little bullet journal things that happened, or things I have to do. Sometimes it was my calendar, a mood tracker, and a place to just jot ideas and write without form or direction.

There were weeks I’d go without using it. Especially in the first three months. But sometime around March, I found myself spending at least a few minutes with it every day, and now its second nature. It took most of a year, but I don’t go a few hours without jotting something in my little notebook. It’s almost full. I bought an A6 Moleskine to replace it. I’m looking forward to filling another one.

I also write on my surface. It’s nice to have all that screen real estate, and writing with a surface pen is a joy. A few years ago, it became the norm that a screen without touch support seemed broken. It’s beginning to feel like that for screens without good stylus support. There are rumours of the next iPhone adding some Apple Pencil support. I hope that’s the case. The written word is personal. Our personal computers should let us do that.


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