Handy Spotify Automations

Spotify is my music subscription of choice (RIP Rdio, still miss ya bud). A good bit of that are the generated playlists like Discover Weekly, which is generally pretty great at what it does: deliver 30 songs a week based on your listening habits. But I don’t get to it every week, and this is apparently pretty common. One of IFTTTs more popular scripts is its Discover Weekly Archiver, which moves those 30 songs to a private playlist so you can always go back and find them.

To do this, first open an IFTTT account. Then, click here for the automation. Let IFTTT have access to your Spotify account, point it towards your Discover Weekly playlist (this actually works with any generated playlist, like Release Radar) and name your Discover Weekly Archive playlist. Then hit save and forget it.

The other one I have set up is to save any song I heart” to a playlist. IFTTT doesn’t have a built-in one for this, so Create a New IFTTT, click This” and choose Spotify”. Click New Saved Track”, then click That.” Choose Spotify” again, and click Add track to a playlist.” Name the playlist, and then hit create action.” Set it and forget it.

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December 19, 2019