How I rate wrestling matches

I like to use a 5-point rating system. What the points mean differs slightly from medium to medium, so here’s what it means for wrestling matches.

A few rules.

  • No half or quarter points. We’re not splitting hairs here. We’re categorizing.
  • Every wrestling match starts with no ⭐.
  1. The performers earn one ⭐ for getting in the ring.
  2. The performers earn a second ⭐ for coming close to performing a wrestling match, but some element (timing, chemistry, production, etc), hurt the performance.
  3. The performers earn a third ⭐ for performing a wrestling match to a conclusion with no major issues.
  4. The performers earn a fourth ⭐ for wrestling a technically impressive match.
  5. A match containing an emotionally engaging performance earns five ⭐, even if none of the other criteria are met.

January 31, 2022