I Don’t Need an iPad Mini

The only iPad I ever owned was the iPad 2. It was one of the good ones. It was before iPad was considered a productivity thing with multitasking and stylus support and good cameras and ram, but it was still really nice at the time. It did feel a bit like working on something from the future. It came out around the same time Windows was going through some stuff, and the Mac seemed on life support. I got a few good years out of it.

But I never replaced it with another one. I’m sure I meant to at some point. I’ve watched new versions come out. I thought I’d like one of those mini ipads, just for tooling around” but the right one never materialized. They would release iPad Mini’s occasionally but it was always with a knowing wink, as if they were saying you don’t really want this one.”

Instead, I slowly replaced things the iPad could do with more specialty based items. I read on a Kobo. I game on Nintendo devices. I use a paper journal to take notes and diary. I didn’t buy one thing that could do it all. Rather, I bought lots of things that could do one thing. I embodied the Radioshack ad.

It took like ten years but an iPad Mini finally came out that I want. The 2021 iPad Mini slaps. It would be super portable, great on the couch, last all day, and it uses the good pencil.

The problem is, I still have all this stuff, and specialized products have a way of lasting a long time. If my Kobo, 3DS, Switch, and iPhone XR were all dying, that’d be one thing. But they’re not. If I hated writing on paper, that’s another. But I don’t. I like these things. They’re good at what they do, and they last.

Maybe next time.

September 16, 2021