I invited people to a party. I didn’t use Facebook

It took more time. I have friends across four different chat apps, and remembering where each conversation lived was difficult. I don’t normally think about this when just talking regularly throughout the day. Remember when there was just one thing? No?

But mostly it took more time because I sent out twenty individual invitations instead of one. Inviting people to a party on Facebook has its conveniences. The site makes a nice temporary page. It even adds the event to your calendar of choice if you set that up.

But it has two major downsides. For one, it’s 2019 and thankfully fewer people are using the service. The other downside is you have to make a spreadsheet.

I made a little table in OneNote. Who was coming. Who was a maybe. Who to send a message to a few days before. Who to send the address to. I could have made a little .ics file too but I doubt people use that feature in FB events anyway. That felt like one coddling step too many. Everyone I know is an adult.

Some people couldn’t come but wanted to, and some people are coming but probably would rather not. I think I got a better sense of that from actually chatting than making a Facebook event. I kind of know the tenor of the room now. I didn’t the last few times because I used FB events.

Facebook is still excellent at obfuscating this process. You see their name and your brain assumes you’ve made a connection. It’s a cheat and they’ve stolen from you. It feels good to ignore its existence.

December 12, 2019