I Know Your Real Name Now - Introduction

I’ve been writing a new novel for the past six months. It’s the first book I’ve written that didn’t have a title right away. No Chinook and A Record Year for Rainfall had titles within the first week. Skypunch started out as a title only for the longest time. My Lover’s Phone was the only title that made sense for that short story. But this new book was just called new book” in Scrivener this whole time.

I Know Your Real Name Now is a story about four characters experiencing the events of three parties decades apart. The first one takes place at the end of high school, the second in their mid-20s at a housewarming, and the last twenty years later, on a party boat, celebrating a major life achievement. Through the three parties, I’ll express how these characters grow apart and find one another again, how betrayals lead to new relationships, and how one person’s memory of events can be very different than another.

A great party is a sort of heaven. One full of people you want to talk to, whose experiences you absorb, and come out feeling like you couldn’t have possibly spent time better. On the flip side, parties can be volatile. Some of life’s greatest moments of drama happens at parties, and everyone is there to see it. Those are great in another sense: pivotal, evocative, and remembered forever.

It’s already my favourite thing that I’ve written.

March 4, 2018