March 22, 2018

#I Know Your Real Name Now - thoughts on chapter 2

I finished chapter 2 of the new novel last night. Shoot me an email if you’d like to read it. I already laid out what happens in a bit in a previous post. There are already things I want to go in and change. I want Ram to have more than one scene. And I want the end to pop a bit more. But on the whole, I did what I set out to do with it, which was have a move the pieces on the board” chapter.

I’m trying something different with I Know Your Real Name Now: I’m writing out not just summaries and bullet-points on what I want to have happen before I write the chapter, but I’m trying to make those bullet points line up to a but/therefore” method, so that the narrative has a little bit more tension and velocity.

I’m a dialogue writer who sometimes has description and world-building and plot. This book isn’t going to be any different, but at the very least there’s a structural layer where I think things will work before I write it all. At least there is a plan for more than just banter.

I do like the banter in this chapter.

writing I Know Your Real Name Now

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