#I know your real name now - thoughts on chapter 3

So, chapter 3 is the shortest first draft so far (1500 words as opposed to 2500 for the others). It’s the first chapter with a real plot point, and it’s a big world-breaking one. I wanted it to be punchy and explosive, so I wanted to keep it brief.

One of the reasons I’m writing these thoughts” posts is that when I go back to these chapters for a second draft, I want to remember my motivation for decisions.

So, like, the fact that the chapter starts with the characters sneaking out for a couple of smokes, I think that conveys the late-90s era really well. The big cull of smokers hadn’t quite happened yet. I wanted one character to have drugs, but because they’re high school characters I want to keep it vague as to which drug. And I wanted Ram and Fourth on the opposite side of the room from Hall and Banks when the plot point occurs. It’s important that Ram and Fourth don’t actually see what’s happening.

Something I might go back and add is Ram and Fourth leaving the room during the plot point. Ram is trying to get Fourth up on the roof and has this scheme, but the plot point gives her an opening. But that might also be something I put in chapter 4 or 5.

I read a portion of this chapter back in November, and it played well. It’s almost a comical over dramatic way of doing what I want to do. I could very much see it get muted into something more realistic in subsequent drafts. But for now, I’m enjoying the over the top of it all.

April 6, 2018