I Know Your Real Name Now: Thoughts on Chapter 4

This took me over a month to write. Not because I was working on it the whole time but because I was avoiding it. I didn’t know how to end it or frame it and those decisions paralyzed me. Eventuality, I sat down and wrote the three scenes to conclusion, and then reordered them like 6 times until I got it the way I could at least call it good enough for v1.

If you’ve been reading along, you know that I jump around in time. The Intro takes place with the characters in their early thirties, but three chapters take place at the end of high school. In chapter four, I add some memories. Hall remembers back to grade 8, and another school dance. Banks remembers back to the beginning of their relationship.

But the meat of the chapter happens between those two memories. Tich and Finn have dragged Hall out of the dance after the breakup and they have questions, but they’re also a little self involved. They’re a little rosenceantz and guildenstern. They know our protagonist and care, but they’ve got their own stuff going on. These are my favourite types of characters.

One way I’m trying to build this world is by introducing characters who clearly know the four protagonists very well. They know them better than we know them at this point, (definitely better than I know them) so they become these lighthouses in the story that can help you see a little farther.

Thematically, it’s important that Banks remembers a moment between them and Hall remembers something isolated. The greatest reason she had for breaking up with him was that he treated her like a character in his story. He’s not ready to process what that means.

May 15, 2018