I Used to be K Sawyer Paul (or KSP)

Really, there haven’t been that many changes. In 2005, when I published Everything We Haven’t Lost, I called myself by my name: Kyle David Paul. I have a lot of middle names, and David was the one I used most often. But it was long, and a little generic, and really felt like three first names in a row. So in 2007, when I was prepping to come out with No Chinook, I changed my public name to K Sawyer Paul. Sawyer just sounds cooler, and shortening Kyle to just K” had a somewhat literary bent.

I had been using that for several years, but I was never been wholly satisfied with it. The K was awkward, and new people have no idea what to call me. It’s also infuriating online, where there’s no ability to have a first name be an initial (so a lot of my online forms have either Kyle Paul” or Sawyer Paul” or K Sawyer,” then “Paul”). The fact is, a lot of people just call me KSP,” which is great, and would be perfect except for that there’s this game called the Kerbal Space Program that has the SEO for that one all locked up. 

As a guy at a party sometime last year told me, Yeah, you’re going to lose to them. They’re great.” Seriously, screw that game. 

I can’t just do Kyle Paul,” either, because it’s too short, too obviously two first names, and the domains are all taken. As rare as it was to be a Kyle in 1983, it’s super popular now, and the kids are way better at domain management. But there really still aren’t that many Sawyer’s. So from here on, I’ll be going by Sawyer Paul. Three syllables. Easy to remember, and rare enough that you’ll know it’s me. 

I just bought ksawyerpaul.blog (that’s where you’re reading this), and that’ll be added to this domain. Email is ksawyerpaul at outlook.com. I’m still in the process of moving everything over (I just changed my Skype, for instance), and I know that everyone who knows me now is going to be confused and just keep calling me whatever. That’s fine. I’m not going to be a dick about it. It’s just a name. 


November 11, 2014