I wish this Substack feature existed in the 2000s Blog Scene

I was hesitant to subscribe to too many Substacks because I thought they always had to end up in your email inbox. I like newsletters, but I want to treat them like blogs. I do not want to treat my email as an RSS reader. Thankfully, if you use the substack app, there’s an option to just allow them to send you notifications to the app when there’s a new issue. That’s fine. So I’ve been subscribing to more Substacks, because if you hadn’t noticed, that’s where all the active blogging is happening on the internet now.

There’s one feature I really like. I just recently subscribed to Elle Griffin, and after I did, I was shown a pop-up to automatically subscribe to other blogs like it.

Obviously we had something like this in the 2000s in the blogroll. But that required the blog author making one, the reader checking it out, and then manually adding those blogs to a feed. One way that could have been integrated was automatically by an RSS Reader. But another could have been by the blog author themselves. You like my blog? Here’s a few others I think you’d also like.

Obviously social media sites do exactly this, but they suck at it.

August 30, 2022