IFTTT Audit, Autumn 2018

I’ve got a good number of IFTTT Applets running. I thought I’d update which ones I use and why here, as well as a few I’m trying out and may not keep.

I tend to keep things rather simple, but it’s because I really believe in the forget it part of set it and forget it.” IFTTT is great when you have no idea it’s there. Think too much about it, spend too much time on the site, and it loses both its magic and appeal. It can too easily become a tinker toy.


  • If any new item added by ksp_me, then add a private bookmark to Pinboard
  • When I save an article to Pocket, make a Markdown link in a text file on Dropbox
    • This is how I make my More Things link blog.

Day One

  • Fitbit daily activity summary saved to Day One
  • If New feed item from http://feeds.feedburner.com/SawyerPaul, then create Journal entry
    • This acts as a blog backup, but I often use it as a remember when I wrote this?” thing when the On this day” notification pops up.
  • Save your Instagram photos to Day One
  • Create Journal entry with every new Tweet.
  • Create Journal entry with every new Calendar entry.


  • If New track added to Cura - a weekly mixtape hug playlist, then Append to a text file in Sawyer’s Dropbox.
    • This is how I make my Cura posts.


  • Track work hours by location


September 21, 2018