IFTTT clean-up

Ifttt changed their business model. I can’t say I blame them. I have 83 actions running, and I almost never think about them. But IFTTT is now asking me to think about them, and the thought I’m having is: how many of these do I really need? So I went through them. IFTTTs new model is that you can have 3 custom recipes before having to pay them money (and it really isn’t that much money). But it turns out I could get by with just three. All three automate parts of this blog.

  1. If I review a movie on Letterboxd, copy the review into a text file in my Dropbox, creating my monthly Good Movies posts.
  2. If I create a new public bookmark on Pinboard, create a text file with Date and Tag parameters, proper block quote and attribution stuff all filled out for me. This creates link blogs for me.
  3. Any new tweet gets saved to a dropbox text file, creating my monthly microblog thoughts post.

I do have more logbook-style posts than these, but none of the others are automated at this level. The other recipes were all about sending blogs to my Pocket account so I could read them on my Kobo, but it’s not something I need to automate anymore.

So, I guess I’m not a power” IFTTT user anymore. I’m just a free user now.

September 25, 2020