Input Methods 1

I write differently on my phone than I do on my portable keyboard or full laptop. This has to be true for everybody. If Shelley wrote using an Alphasmart 3000, I have to think Frankenstein would have had a few different sentences. I do wonder why it is. I haven’t read an article about this lately or anything. It’s just something I’ve noticed about myself. Even though I have Scrivener for iOS, I find myself hesitant to produce for the book itself on my phone.

What is a nice hack for that is a little Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard I carry around in my backpack. If I can find a flat surface, I can open up this thing, place my phone down and type at normal speed. But is it the speed that makes the difference? Is it the sitting? Is it that I have a tiny phone and not a big one? Thumbs vs all ten fingers? Is it so hard to actually work on the book while getting knocked around by shoulder bags on the subway? I thought I wanted this.

I’ll probably come back to this another time.

Morning Pages

My whole life is tied up with her,” I said to Walt.

He shifted on the table. A song I knew Fourth would like began to play. I wanted to dance. I wanted everything to be okay. This night was beginning awkwardly, if predictably. Banks would usually split for a bit and dance with her other friends. We’d hook back up a few songs later.

I think you’re being a bit dramatic, but I’m not actually sure if you ever haven’t been, so” he paused. Maybe this is all normal.”

I should give her a promise ring,” I said.

No, you should not do that,” Walt said. Promise rings are for Christian dorks when they’re 14. You’re 18, and an Atheist. Your people just live together and write common law” on your taxes and then die quietly.”


March 6, 2018