International Object Podcast 29: Mikey Llorin II

This week, Mikey Llorin and I talk about Summerslam, MMA, and whether winning is more important than having a good match. Click the link above to listen.

Show topics:

  • International Object’s origins
  • Summerslam’s interesting finale
  • Summerslam’s solid match list
  • The Torch’s iPhone App
  • Fair to Flair’s iPhone App
  • The current movement
  • CM Punk’s contract
  • HHH as a referee
  • Black Ref
  • UFC & Strikeforce, and momentum
  • What’s more important? Winning, or having a good match?
  • Devaluing wrestling for a movement
  • Grantland
  • Wrestlemania XXVIII
  • Randy Orton is the guy that wins
  • Fair to Flair’s schedule
  • Do you want it good, or all the time?
  • The next issue of Fair to Flair Quarterly
  • Dragon Dictate

August 15, 2011