International Object Podcast 3: Aaron Glazer

Inside Pulse’s Aaron Glazer and myself talk Bragging Rights, Brand Split, Fantasy Booking, and if Dolph Ziggler is the worst name in the history of wrestling.

Show notes:

  • Neither of us watch smackdown
  • We run down bragging rights 2010
  • Paying for middle chapters
  • The writers room being far away from the marketing room
  • Serial storytelling
  • Why wwe should stop doing ppvs
  • An angle is two lines meeting
  • A proposed off season
  • Glazers off season theory
  • Ziggler and Bryan.
  • I think dolph ziggler is a terrible name.
  • TNA is a dumb name
  • Unconsciously tuning into tna
  • Thursday night TV viewing
  • Wrestling fans love HBO
  • What would HBO do with a wrestling show
  • Watching wrestling just to bitch
  • Habitual viewing
  • A better raw - what I tried to do and what failed
  • The last innovation was in early 97 when the raw set evolved.
  • WWE being poor at coming up with their own ideas, but good at evolving others
  • Having longer times between matches
  • Orton as the new dominating hero
  • The WWE title changed 45 times this year
  • The thin roster
  • We talk about hhh’s return. Possibilities about what he’ll do.
  • Brock lesnar vs undertaker
  • Edge is golden.
  • Glazer says they need a face of smackdown and it has to be edge, because it won’t be Orton or cena.
  • We talk about Kevin Nash on colour commentary
  • Forget about all PPVs until the rumble
  • Fun fantasy booking
  • Nash and Austin as managers

November 1, 2010