International Object Podcast 94: The WCW

As of July 31, 2013, WCW has been owned longer by Vince McMahon than by Ted Turner. Rich Thomas and K Sawyer Paul take a fresh look back at the organization, how greatness isn’t something one gets to do by corporate mandate, how challenging the final Nitro must have been, and how throwing money at a problem can become a problem itself. 

We also begin discussing Total Divas, its possible olive branch to non-fans, and Eva Marie and Jo Jo as audience surrogates for new fans, extending an idea that began with Joseph Park . 

Show notes:  

WCW: Urban Dictionary, 4th entry:

The initials of (and an abbreviation for) American poet William Carlos Williams (b. 1888, d. 1963).
Sometimes used as a short way of referring to him in writing, and a hashtag on twitter. #WCW
Also, apparently, a wrestling media empire.

WWEs final Nitro playlist

Forbes profile on Ted Turner

Controversy Creates Cash

A Lion’s Tale : Around the World in Spandex 

Do You Creak? - Lexicon Valley

Listen to Slate’s show about the much-reviled phenomenon, prominent among young American women, of creaky voice.”

August 1, 2013