#iOS keyboards

I miss the keyboard on windows phone. Maybe it was the glass Nokia used. Maybe it was the way you could swipe across the keys and lift when you’d finish a word. I know that feature was part of a keyboard you could install on android and then later on the iPhone, but on windows phone it was just there in the default keyboard. It worked so well, and typing was a joy.

These days I’m on an iPhone SE, and much like how I use multiple task apps, I also use multiple keyboards. I use Gboard when I’m on the subway and can only type with one hand, as it does the swype thing. And I use the default keyboard when I’m half asleep or need perfect slow precision. But most of the time, I use Nintype.

Nintype takes the swipe feature but adds two-thumb combos. it’s actually insane how fast you can type with this keyboard once you get the hang of it. The learning curve is insane and it still produces baffling guesses sometimes, but for the sheer speed (and most importantly, how fast it feels to type with) I can’t work without it, but I also never really recommend it because it’s a bit buggy depending on what app you’re using it with (chat apps with special text bars like Facebook messenger can be wonky). But its also a weird recommendation because it’s a keyboard app, and I haven’t read one article about keyboard apps in about three years. It’s been long enough now that I worry apple might just take them away and not even tell anybody.

February 21, 2018