December 14, 2020

K Sawyer Paul’s Favourite Media of 2020

I’ve been keeping better track of the things I consume this year. I couldn’t have done it without Notion and this blog. Here’s my top lists for every category. If I remember to, I’ll expand each section with reasons for each. If I don’t, assume each one of things gave me some joy and got me through some of this year.

Note: I definitely consumed more media than this in 2020, but I tried to keep it to things that were released this year.

Favourite Movies

Favourite Albums

Favourite Live-action TV Shows

  • Lovecraft Country - It’s very good and a bit sloppy but so much fun and fast it doesn’t matter. Just a goddamn blast from beginning to end.
  • Perry Mason - I don’t care at all about Perry Mason but I will follow Matthew Rhys into oblivion. I wonder if this had been made in the 2000s it would have just been a 150 minute feature and forgotten by awards season.
  • Fargo - Fargo season 5 is the only TV show this year that should actually be required viewing.
  • Avenue 5 - This show seemed stupid in January but then super smart by March.
  • What We Do In the Shadows - This show is delight medicine. I hope it gets the Sunny contract and runs until the end of time.

Favourite Anime

  • Dorohedoro - Lightning in a bottle creativity. I want the backgrounds of this show as art on my walls. Having said that, it’s very, very niche and might not appeal to, uh, anyone but me?
  • Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken - A celebration of the creative process, animation, and that period of your life where nobody’s really paying attention to you and you can get away with the thing.
  • Somali and the Forest Spirit - Hey, you wanna good cry? Here you go.

Favourite Articles

Favourite Video Games

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Don’t listen to anyone who says this isn’t the game of 2020. There are no other games.
  • Hades - Don’t listen to anyone who says this isn’t the game of 2020. There are no other games.

Favourite Podcasts

Favourite Wrestling Matches

Favourite Youtube Videos

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