March 12, 2018


Kanopy seems pretty great so far. It’s working very well on our two Roku devices and my iPhone. Video streaming services that aren’t YouTube or Netflix often don’t work as well, but Kanopy seems as good as the big companies. I love the library. It has the table-stakes features of a first-class streaming service like a que, and it’ll keep your place if you pause and move to a different device.

Most importantly, it’s the classic movie service I’ve always wanted (and Filmstruck provides in the US). I don’t know how popular classic” cinema is, but if you find the selection on Netflix lacking, Kanopy will satiate.

The fact that it’s free” with a library card is really great, but I’d happily pay for this. There’s an arbitrary limit of 8 movies per months, but I’m not sure what happens if I reach it. Can I pay more to watch more? Or is 8 films all I can watch in a month? It’s a civilized amount and I likely won’t go past it most months, but I’m curious.

In general, though, great, great stuff so far. I’m very impressed.


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