Keeping Track of Stuff, Winter 2022


When I’m listening to music, it’s usually on Spotify in a playlist called Add to Collection?” There’s usually a few hundred songs in there. When I see a new album or a playlist I think is good, I dump it in there. I usually listen to it on shuffle. If I don’t like a song, I remove it from the playlist. If I like the song, I hit the little heart button. If I think the song belongs in one of my theme playlists, I add it. Then, I remove it from the Add to collection” playlist.

If I really like an album, I’ll buy the vinyl. This usually comes with a little piece of paper that lets me download the highest quality version of the album. I do that. I put it into iTunes. Then I mostly forget that I did that and listen to it on Spotify.


I take a couple of photos with my iPhone XR every day. Sometimes, I’ll take out my Canon DSLR and real photos” with RAW that I dump into Photoshop afterwards, but this is rare. These photos upload to OneDrive, and once a month I go in there and delete the ones I don’t want to keep. I make a folder called February 2022” and put them in my All Photos” folder in OneDrive.

I’ve been tooling around with Lightroom lately as a way to organize things beyond that.


I recently switched from TV Trakt to Just Watch. Both services do the same thing: let you tick a box next to an episode title to help you keep track of what you’ve seen. TV Trakt was better at letting you rate things and read reviews. Just Watch is better at integrating with your TV and acting as a home base.”


Letterboxd is the best website on the internet and I will hear no arguments. When I review a movie, an IFTTT script takes that text and places it in a text file on my dropbox. That’s how I write my good movies” blog posts.


When I do workout, I’ll track it with my Apple Watch. After that, I put that info into Notion, because it helps me put it somewhere I can see it. I wish the Fitness App on iPhone was better.


I’ve been better at writing in my journal lately. I don’t blog much, but I journal a lot. Once a year, I scan my journal and keep it in an archive in OneNote, so I can search through it later.

February 24, 2022