Killing iTunes

Last week at WWDC, Apple announced it would break up iTunes into three different apps. At least on the Mac. On Windows, iTunes will stay the same, basically. It will continue to work, slowly, creakily. It will continue to whither.

I’ve been using two music libraries for years. Three, if you count Plex, but that was always piggybacking off of iTunes. iTunes Match was my favourite part, because it allowed me to be creative with how much music I kept on each device.

It’s not that iTunes isn’t something I’ve been using. I’ve been building year playlists, from 2018 going back to 1980, and I’ve been organizing them with iTunes. I’ve been doing this as an experiment to see if music players that weren’t phones could still have a place in my pocket. They don’t.

I’d keep iTunes around if I were an Apple Music guy, but I’m not. I’m on Spotify. That’s where my music is. That’s where my year playlists live. That’s where my weekly Cura playlist lives. That’s where my mood playlists live. It’s where I discover new music all the time. It’s where I’m frustrated that it still isn’t Rdio. It won’t be the only place I find new music. But it is where I’ll inevitably listen to it again.


June 10, 2019