Lattice and technical difficulties

I’ve published 6 issues of Lattice. I’m proud of each of them, both in the quality of work I’ve been able to muster, as well as the world-building I’d attempted. I looked at the idea of serial fiction as a way to slowly piece together a much larger object than simply a book. I looked at it as an evolution from the book, to this new thing that could only be done with specific technologies working together. Sync. Push. Subscription payments. Tiny file sizes. Readability on every single electronic device. That’s exciting stuff, and Lattice worked with all of it to create the beginning of something great.

I’m sorry to bury the lead, but this is about what’s going to happen next with Lattice. As of December 28, the app is being pulled from the iOS app store. As of February, will shut down. Obviously, this isn’t something I want to happen. But I’m not in control of the fortunes of Periodical, the company that helps me make Lattice such a great product. I looked at it as a partnership. I provided the raw content—my writing—and Periodical provided the excellent container. They pushed each issue to the iPhone, iPad, and Kindle, the three most popular reading devices in the world, and they created epub files subscribers could download and keep forever, to read on any reasonably modern device in the world. It was great.

Unfortunately, it looks like Periodical is shutting down, which means I have to find a new way to make Lattice work. I’m not going to rush into anything, and I want to make sure that the next platform (or platforms, as will be more likely) I choose will be something that’ll last a long time, and will inspire me to work even harder on this amazing project of mine. From what I understand, readers will be receiving some kind of return on the last month of subscribing, but I don’t have all the details. Contact Periodical if you have any questions. If you are a current subscriber, and have been meaning to download any of the issues for posterity, I’d suggest doing it pretty soon.

I’m sorry about this setback. I really shot for the sun with this one. I simply couldn’t (and still can’t) do the great work the folks at Periodical did by myself. And this is always the risk one takes when forming a relationship. It’s one of the reasons I’ve remained adamantly independent my whole career. I don’t feel like I made a mistake trying things out with Periodical. They made a great product, and offered a terrific service. I wish the best for them.

I know I’m going to leave some readers frustrated. If you’ve been following along with Lattice, you’ll know there are three ongoing narratives that feel like they’re just getting started. Trust me, they are. I have extensive work on all three in the can, and can’t wait to share this interweaving mystery with everyone. So don’t worry, you will not have to wait long to continue reading Skypunch, The Moonbow Easy, and Corona Gale.

December 13, 2013