Letterboxd Year in Review 2020

If we’re going to give all this data to companies, the least they can do is give us a nice web page with statistics that seem kind of neat for five minutes.

If I’d have guessed, I would have said I’d watched 500 movies this year.

This one shows that some of Letterboxd’s metadata may not be perfect. These count up based on tags, and On The Rocks” probably shouldn’t be counted as Russian. To Live and Die in LA probably shouldn’t count as Spanish just because William Peterson inappropriately uses amigo.”

Unfortunately Letterboxd doesn’t know if I’m rewatching a movie but just hasn’t reviewed it on the site before. So…there? I sure did like a lot of the movies I watched this year.

What do you mean, they’re still making new movies? I haven’t heard of this.

Letterboxd definitely thinks I should have watched more 2020 films. But what can you do?

January 12, 2021